Big Money From Simple Little Sites…

How to create awesome little sites that bring in $1,000+ per month - in just 28-minutes...

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The Digital Landlord Blueprint

Ready to see how dead simple it is to lease awesome little sites to local businesses (even when they already have their own website)?

This is the EXACT same system I used to get my Big Ass Mansion with an Ocean View (And it only took 10 days). See how this PROVEN and tested system works.

Ben Littlefield

Get your free access and you will discover...

  • How 12 Awesome Little Sites = $100k Per Month
    You will learn the exact formula that is used to create a serious business with awesome little sites - as a digital landlord.
  • What is a "digital landlord?"
    You will learn what it is to be a digital landlord and how it works.
  • Why turn-key results = BIG opportunities.
    When you grasp this simple idea, you will quickly realize how much opportunity is just sitting right in front of you...
  • How easy it is to get results - FAST!
    You will see real case studies that reveal how simple it is to build valuable little sites in a matter of minutes...
  • The secret "Rank and Rent" weapon...
    NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT THIS NEW UNFAIR ADVANTAGE! But You will get a front-row seat to see it and you will discover EXACTLY what goes into the process to build and rank - in under 30-minutes (even if it is your first time)...
  • How Knowing NOTHING about SEO and why Being NON-TECHNICAL is NOT a problem.
    It is so EASY, even my technically challenged 70-year old mother can do it! You will quickly see that this is so simple to do (and get fast results) when you follow this easy process to create awesome little sites...
  • The Ultimate Email "Weapon."
    You will get to see exactly what is used to get in front of business owners with this one simple (but powerful) email trick that makes it easier than ever to get paid - every single month.
  • How I got an Ocean View Mansion with 5 little sites.
    You will see how it is done. AND... you will also learn how these awesome little sites - that take as little as 28-minutes to setup - make it possible to materialize just about anything you could want from "Virtual thin air..."
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